Publications, exhibitions and lectures


Topscape Paysage (IT print)

Designverse, Yannan Avenue

LA Vision (CN print), Yannan Avenue

Landscape Design Magazine (CN print), Yannan Avenue, Yannan Avenue

Landscape Architecture Korea, (SK, print), Yannan Avenue

Swedish National Board of Housing best practice street design

International digital urban design week Nanjing

Connected Places Catapult, UK Gov China events

Resite Prague, CQIM & Yannan Avenue


World Landscape Architect, Yannan Avenue

Landezine, Yannan Avenue

Mooool (CN), Yannan Avenue

Goooood (CN), Yannan Avenue


Shenzhen Centre for Design, Behind the Making of Huaqiangbei

Victoria and Albert museum, Sino Flux


USC American Acadamy in China exhibition


EDGECondition Vol 5 (UK) Ciquikou,